Disability Documentation Guidelines

In order to be eligible for accommodations through the Disability & Access Center at Southwestern Illinois College, you need to provide documentation about your disabilities. Based upon an interactive process with the student by the Disability & Access Center professional staff, as well as a review of the documentation from a qualified professional, eligibility for reasonable accommodations is determined.

If you think you qualify for accommodated services, the Disability & Access Center staff encourages you to make an appointment in our office. In order to provide adequate time to obtain your documentation and arrange for accommodations, schedule your appointment 4-6 weeks before enrolling in your first semester. To make an appointment, the Disability & Access Center telephone numbers and locations are as follows: 

Belleville Campus

618-235-2700, ext. 5368 (voice)
618-234-3347 (TDD)
Information Sciences Building, Room 1145

Sam Wolf Granite City Campus

618-235-2700, ext. 5368 (voice)
618-234-3347 (TDD)
Room 424

Red Bud Campus

618-235-2700, ext. 5368 (voice)
618-234-3347 (TDD)
Room 170

East St. Louis
Community College Center

618-235-2700, ext. 5368 (voice)
618-234-3347 (TDD)
Room 1021G 

If you already have documentation, bring the information to your first appointment. Your documentation will be individually evaluated. If the documentation does not address the current impact of your disability, a re-evaluation may be required. If you do not have documentation regarding your disabilities but think you may qualify for accommodations, you still should make an appointment in the Disability & Access Center. If needed, staff can refer you to professionals or agencies that can provide diagnostic testing for specific disabilities (e.g., learning disabilities). If you have multiple disabilities and depending upon the accommodations you request, documentation from more than one professional may be needed. It is wise to share with your qualified professional the "Documentation Guidelines" sheet for Southwestern Illinois College; check the link in the menu on the left.  The cost of the evaluation will be your responsibility. It is recommended that you check with your medical insurance company or employee assistance program (EAP) regarding possible coverage. The Southwestern Illinois College Disability & Access Center does not release or send third party information obtained for documenting disabilities that was created by high schools, physicians, or any other specialists. Persons should request this information from the original provider of information. 

Hard copies of the documentation guidelines are available in the Disability & Access Center upon request. Finally, it is important for you to know that disability laws governing colleges and high schools are different. In addition, documentation guidelines vary from one college to another.

The Disability & Access Center staff is here to help you; feel free to call us for an appointment.  We are glad to help!

NOTE: A printable flier is available as a PDF.