The Southwestern Illinois College Success Center Web Page has a variety of links available to help you prepare for COMPASS assessment.

Descriptions of the various online resources are as follows:


  • MU Math Online - A self-teaching tool for online mathematics practice.
    • Learning and evaluation drills with immediate feedback and detailed solutions in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus for college-bound students
    • For COMPASS, choose any "College Algebra Test (MPECA)" link. In the drop-down box under "Select a Test," choose "College Algebra Readiness" for best level of review.
  • Online Math Drills - This site includes Math Problems for the SAT, Fraction Attack, Fraction Calculator, ArithmAttack, and Linear Equations.
  • Compass Reading Preparation - In this video, explore the importance of understanding how to answer a multiple choice test using the process of elimination. The video also discusses how to answer the main idea of the paragraph question on the COMPASS.

Textbook Links

  • InterActMath –
    • Choose any textbook for desired subject level.
    • Chapter exercises offer practice with explanations.