Counselors and Educators

Partners in CTE and Programs of Study

Whether you are a classroom instructor, co-op coordinator, guidance counselor or administrator, you are a valuable partner with Southwestern Illinois College. Become familiar with the links on our site and refer your career and technical education students and their parents to appropriate links as you work with them to pursue a Program of Study and transition successfully to postsecondary education.

How can you partner with us?

Counselors and instructors involved in the curriculum component of Programs of Study are partners when they:

  • serve on local and Partnership teams
  • attend activities sponsored by Perkins and CTE
  • understand and facilitate student acquisition and application of basic skills (critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork)
  • are informed of the content of applied courses
  • are knowledgeable about articulation agreements
  • understand the sequencing of courses for Programs of Study
  • make career information readily available
  • understand and implement the career cluster Programs of Study approach to restructuring curricula
  • support each other with career information and resources

Counselors and instructors supporting Programs of Study partnerships are partners when they: 

  • serve as agents for change
  • work with instructional staff to infuse career awareness activities and experiences throughout the curriculum
  • help bridge the gap that often exists between academic and technical faculty
  • serve as catalysts for promoting a positive and healthy school climate
  • are aware of the partnerships between education and business and industry and the skills needed for success in a technological world
  • are actively involved in staff development activities
  • provide business, industry and labor with a greater understanding of the issues facing educators and students
  • interact and communicate with counselors and faculty in postsecondary institutions
  • form partnerships with other school personnel

Counselors and instructors who enhance career awareness are partners when they:

  • provide all students with interest and aptitude assessments
  • provide school-wide activities that promote the awareness of technical career opportunities
  • use Programs of Study as individual career plans (ICPs)
  • help students develop a portfolio that summarizes their educational and experiential credentials
  • provide students with information about community or technical colleges
  • give attention to women, minorities and students with special needs and provide them with information about their opportunities
  • have access to appropriate materials and resources that explain Career Clusters, Programs of Study, and technical careers

Please encourage your students to visit the site frequently and to explore Programs of Study in your school and at SWIC. Urge them to check out the Resources Menu on the Students page of the website for an abundance of career-related links, including assessments and practice exercises in math, reading and writing.