It's never too early to encourage your child to explore and define his or her career path. Students who have an early focus can develop a plan and goals and will be engaged and committed to their high school education. 

One of the focuses of the Southwestern Illinois College partnerships is to provide students with Programs of Study. Programs of Study provide a solid foundation and give students a direction for their life.  Students set their sights on a future career and discover early in high school what it will take to get there. 

Of course you want to help your child get a jump on his or her career while saving money by completing some college courses during high school. Pursuing a Program of Study is your answer! 

Interested in learning more about Programs of Study for your child?  

Benefits for students

    • A way to earn college credit for courses completed while in high school  
    • A clear path to follow with an individual career plan  
    • A solid foundation of academic and technical courses  
    • An introduction to the workplace  
    • Exposure to high-paying careers through job shadowing and internships 
    • Information on new and emerging jobs  
    • Flexibility to explore various options for careers  
    • More efficient use of time  
    • Potential for higher earnings and lowered risk for unemployment  
    • Direct connection to postsecondary education or apprenticeship  

Benefits for parents

    • More motivated students who have a career focus (resulting in better grades, fewer disciplinary problems and lowered risk for dropping out)  
    • Reduced tuition costs and other expenses  
    • Readily accessible information about programs and activities available to students  
    • Students receive two educations in one—college prep and career prep  
    • Students benefit from applied learning  
    • Students receive the skills and education that lead to success  
    • Students learn life skills that apply to any career  
    • Students make a smoother transition from high school to higher education  

Rigorous academic and technical courses help ensure that students meet the Common Core State Standards and industry standards for their careers. Workplace learning helps students find how their academic subjects relate to the work world and why those subjects are important to success. 

For more information on Programs of Study, contact your school counselor or career and technical education teacher.