Programs of Study in Illinois

Programs of Study (POS) are sequences of courses that incorporate a non-duplicative progression of secondary and postsecondary elementsĀ that include both academic and CTE content. Effective Programs of Study should start no later than the ninth grade and continue through at least two years of postsecondary education. Programs of Study include opportunities to earn college credit (dual credit) in high school, an industry-recognized credential or certificate at the secondary/postsecondary level and an associate or baccalaureate degree. Check with your adviser or counselor to see if your school has an articulation agreement with SWIC.Ā 

A CTE Program of Study is a sequence of instruction, based on recommended standards, and knowledge and skills consisting of secondary and postsecondary coursework, co-curricular activities, worksite learning, service learning and other learning experiences offered in an aligned and coordinated manner that prepares students for a specific career. This is a flexible resource for students and is designed to change in concert with the interests and needs of the learner.

Programs of Study goals

  • Equip students with the skills and credentials required for success in high-growth, high-demand, and/or high-wage career fields
  • Close the achievement gap
  • Increase curricular alignment
  • Decrease the need for remediation
  • Create meaningful education options for ALL students
  • Increase enrollment and persistence
  • Increase attainment of degrees and certificates
  • Ensure that ALL students attain the education and skills needed for success
  • Increase academic and skill achievement
  • Increase entry into employment or further education
  • Develop model mechanisms of collaboration
  • Enhance collaboration between secondary and postsecondary educators and institutions
  • Enhance collaboration between core academic and career/technical instructors
  • Enhance collaboration between business/industry partnerships and educators
  • Focus on the development of lessons that integrate career content within lesson frameworks for core academic subjects
  • Align classroom content and advising with National Career Development Standards

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