Student FAQs about Articulation Testing

Why should I take an articulation test?

You should take an articulation test:

  • if you are a goal-oriented, highly motivated technical education student.
  • if you have been enrolled in a technical pathway in high school.
  • if you plan to continue your studies in the same or a related career area at SWIC.
  • if you feel you know the information in the introductory course.

If you do not pass the test, you will know how much more you need to learn before you move on to more advanced levels.

Why should I come to SWIC to test?

Students who test on the SWIC campus will have the opportunity not only to meet with the program coordinator but also to visit the classrooms and labs connected with their particular program.

What if I cannot test on the designated test date?

Ask your instructor to register you on the appropriate sheet, and then call the PCCS office to make special arrangements.

Why are the OAT tests administered in the home school?

The OAT instructors and the high school instructors prefer that this performance-based test be given in the home school.

Is it possible to take more than one test?

Absolutely. For example, in Health Sciences & Homeland Security, students could test in both Medical Terminology and EMPT. The same situation exists in the area of Administration of Justice. Students may take the AOJ tests as well as the EMPT test.

Are the tests timed?

No. Generally, most students will complete testing in 60–90 minutes.

May juniors test?

If the high school instructor feels this is appropriate, he or she should encourage the student to test. Credit is held in escrow until the student enrolls in the program at SWIC.

How will I know my results?

A letter will be mailed to your home to notify you if you pass or fail. Specific information about the test itself could be discussed with the SWIC coordinator after the student enrolls in the program.

What if I do not pass the articulation test?

You may still enroll in the program in the introductory course of your particular career area.