College Activities Board SWGCC

The Campus Activities Board at the Sam Wolf Granite City Campus gives students the opportunity to plan the activities they would like to have on campus. Involvement on the board helps to develop leadership skills.

Get Involved

Part of the college experience is getting involved with your fellow students. We have many opportunities for you to get involved here on campus.

Research Shows Involvement Increases Success

Numerous higher education studies show that out-of-class experiences are critical for personal development and academic success. This research shows that students who are involved find it easier to clearly develop their academic goals, get better jobs and reach managerial positions sooner.

Surprisingly, a vast majority of community college students do not participate in extracurricular activities. Over half the students studied reported almost never interacting with other students. However, having friends on campus is a way to connect to the college and can provide social support, reinforce academic learning and maximize chances for success.

Also surprising, about 75 percent of students do not interact with their instructors outside the classroom. Studies show that out-of-class interaction with faculty improves school work, social skills and clarity of career paths.

Don't Waste These Opportunities

Take advantage of the many opportunities SWIC can offer you. Get involved in Campus Activities, study with friends and tutors in the Success Center and get to know your instructors. What are you waiting for? GET INVOLVED!

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