Southwestern Illinois CTE Goals

Participants in the Southwestern Illinois Partnership for College and Career Success are administrators, educators, counselors and students from the 23 high schools and 2 area career centers in our Partnership; the deans and program coordinators representing career and technical education programs at Southwestern Illinois College; and business partners. View the Partnership organizational chart for more detailed information.

Mission Statement

To provide the best learning opportunity and transitional services for career and technical education students to acquire technical, academic and workplace skills required for successful employment in high-demand, high-skill and high-wage technical occupations.

Goals of the Partnership

  1. Increase collaboration between secondary and postsecondary systems
  2. Create seamless transition systems from secondary education to postsecondary education
  3. Ensure that individuals who are members of special populations have the opportunity to access and succeed in CTE programs
  4. Develop and implement Programs of Study that contain multiple entry and exit points to facilitate student success and lifelong learning
  5. Increase curricular alignment and reduce curricular duplication
  6. Reduce the need for remediation
  7. Support the development of integrated and applied curricular content
  8. Increase the opportunities for students to earn college credit while enrolled in high school
  9. Increase the opportunities for students to obtain marketable postsecondary certificates or degrees that support their career goals
  10. Create professional development programs designed to simultaneously engage and support secondary and postsecondary partners
  11. Utilize data for program improvement