High Schools and Area Career Centers

Students, faculty, administrators and staff from the following 23 high schools and 2 area career centers are eligible to participate in activities and events sponsored by the Southwestern Illinois Partnership for College and Career Success. Schools are grouped by Education for Employment Systems.

St. Clair/SWIC Regional Office of Education

Cheryl Hood, System Director
Email: chood@stclair.k12.il.us
Phone: 618-825-3987
Fax: 618-825-3999

Madison County Career & Technical Education System

Rob Werden, System Director
Email:   rwerden@ecusd7.org  

Phone: 618-656-0415
Fax: 618-656-0514

OKAW Regional Vocational System

Dian Albert, System Director
Email:   dalbert@monroe.k12.il.us
Phone: 618-473-2222, ext. 100
Fax: 618-473-2292