Technical Education

Four programs have been articulated within this division—Automotive Collision Repair Technology, Construction Management Technology, Industrial Machining Technology and Welding Technology.

Courses that have been articulated in the ACRT program are ACRT 111, Non-Structural Repair I, and ACRT 131, Automotive Refinishing I. The articulated course in the Construction Management Technology Program is CMT 104, Introduction to Construction. The courses in the Industrial Machining Technology program are IDM 112, Machine Shop I, and IDM 122, Machine Shop II. The course in the Welding Technology program is WLDT 101, Introduction to Welding. College course descriptions are available in the College Catalog or in the course syllabus provided in this section. High school instructors should review the college course descriptions as well as the syllabus.

Credit is earned in these classes by successfully passing an examination at the 70% level. Articulation examinations in the Industrial Technology programs are administered at SWIC under the supervision of the coordinator or an individual so designated by the coordinator. The coordinator will address the prerequisite courses for any of these courses. In some instances, if an ASSET or COMPASS score at a particular level is required, accommodations will be made.

Articulation Agreements Summary


Technical Education

Division Program Titles  Maximum Credit Hours Awarded by SWIC 
Automotive Collision Repair Technology  ACRT 111 Non-Structural Repair I (5 credits)
ACRT 131 Automotive Refinishing I (4 credits)
Construction Management Technology  CMT 104 Introduction to Construction (4 credits)
Industrial Machining Technology  IDM 112 Machine Shop I (Industrial) (4 credits)
IDM 122 Machine Shop II (Industrial) (4 credits)
Welding Technology * WLDT 101 Introduction to Welding (6 credits)


Maximum Time to Enroll 12 months
* 24 months
Maximum Time to Complete Program 36 months
Minimum High School Participation Requirements 2.0 Cumulative GPA
2.5 in courses
Escrow Policies Credits awarded after student has successfully completed 12 hours of credits in specific program.
Testing Information Tests administered at Southwestern Illinois College.
Competency measured at 70%.