What People Are Saying about the Speakers Bureau

1. The speaker was very knowledgeable about the material presented.

2. SWIC is performing a very nice community service with this bureau.

3. The speaker did an excellent presentation. I have already recommended her to other groups.

4. A terrific presentation! Speaker created interest and enthusiasm.

5. This is a wonderful service provided by the college.

6. Our residents loved the Accordion program! His rapport with the seniors was wonderful.

7. This is an outstanding presentation. Very good for mature audiences—just the right amount of humor in the content.

8. Terrific presentation! I will definitely recommend the speaker for future presentations. She is always able to adapt her presentation to the size and age of the audience. Exploring Creativity was excellent!

9. This was an extremely thought-provoking presentation. Well done!

10. The speaker is awesome in his delivery of Civil War information! He is EXCELLENT with the kids and they were totally engaged in the presentation.

11. This speaker gave an excellent presentation! He held my students spellbound for over an hour.

12. Many of our students are saying that this was the best presentation all year! He totally captivated our group with his hands-on civil war relics and his knack for storytelling.

13. This American Women presentation was delightful and entertaining. I intend to ask him back.

14. Excellent presentation! Members spoke their appreciation for being so well entertained. Lots of laughter and applause!

15. The ladies really enjoyed the Hats presentation. She was very entertaining as well as informative. All the hats were great!

16. She was great—good information, very personable.  It was even more meaningful because she spoke from a personal perspective. Thank you for the Speakers Bureau service.

17. This speaker is dynamic!

18. This speaker worked very well with our fifth graders. She kept their interest and spoke on their level. It was everything we expected.

19. The presentation was wonderful!

20. I would recommend the Speakers Bureau. This is a great resource!

21. This speaker speaks with passion; he is an excellent match for any group.

22. Absolutely wonderful! She definitely touched on the right subject for this group of ladies.

23. The speaker is a very inspirational, upbeat, exciting speaker. She could talk about anything and make it worthwhile. Her energy is contagious!

24. The Native Americans presentation was very enjoyable. The speaker came in full costume and brought artifacts for the students to see. She spoke to the children on their level.

25. The Century of Dolls presentation was delightful and very entertaining. This program received so many compliments.