Target Audience Codes:

GS - Grade Schools
HS - High Schools
AG - Adult Groups

MON/RAND - Speaker will travel to Monroe/Randolph Counties

A Walk Through Italy

This 1-2 hour presentation will provide a tour of Italy's best cultural sites and natural wonders. This is a great presentation, especially for those who are planning a trip to Italy...or would like to!

Barbara Klein, Instructor - Community Education

Target Audiences:  AG

Belize, Central America

Learn all aspects of Belize including its history, people, language, etc. This topic will cover information about Belize as a place to travel, study, invest and retire. Mr. Verdu is a citizen of Belize and serves as diplomat to this country: Consul of Belize.

Eugene Verdu, Retired

Target Audiences:  AG


Learn what to do when going to China and how to get the most enjoyment out of your trip. Discussion will include Chinese history and culture and economic relations with China.

John Bilski, Adjunct Faculty

Target Audiences:  AG, HS


Discover the Metro/St. Louis Area

Debbie will share fun and exciting places to go and things to do in the St. Louis metro area, especially the "free ones." Many places have been highlighted on Show Me St. Louis.

Debra Donze, Adjunct Faculty

Target Audiences:  AG, HS, GS

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Travel

From effective suitcase packing to choosing the perfect destination, this presentation has it all. Get all of your travel questions answered in this informative presentation.

Nancy Bauer, PSOP Travel Club

Target Audiences:  AG

Hats From Around the World

Tales of international travel are exciting, especially for children who may not have had the opportunity to travel yet. This traveler's exploits to Peru, Egypt, Israel, Greece, Japan, Hong Kong, Turkey, Scotland and China will be related through a collection of hats brought back from her journeys.

Valerie Thaxton, Vice President for Student, Campus and Community Services

Target Audiences:  AG, GS


Planning a Bareboat Charter to Paradise – the British Virgin Islands

Learn the steps for planning a week or more aboard a sailing yacht in the British Virgin Islands. This well-kept secret of pure beauty is brought out in this presentation. A beautiful slide show will enhance the vivid stories as told by Captain Jim. You will be enlightened with historical facts about the area as well as the customs, things to do and much, much more.

Jim Moore, Retired

Target Audiences:  AG

Preparing for Your Trip to Italy

This is a PowerPoint presentation of what is needed for preparing for a trip to Italy, along with explanations of local customs, eating in a restaurant, train travel, bus travel, banking and much more!

Barbara Klein, Instructor - Continuing Education

Target Audiences:  AG

Traveling Without Reservations

Through pictures, sounds, smells and anecdotes from his travels through North America, Asia and Europe, the presenter will provide ideas on how to make your travels your own unique experience.

Rick Gregory, Site Supervisor, ESLCCC

Target Audiences:  HS (10-12th), AG