Women's Issues

Target Audience Codes: 

GS - Grade Schools
HS - High Schools
AG - Adult Groups

MON/RAND - Speaker will travel to Monroe/Randolph Counties  

Changing the Face of Medicine:  Women in the Civil War

An estimated 4,000 women served in some type of medical role during the American Civil War. However, only 200 words are dedicated to their service in the Surgical History Of The War Of The Rebellion, a 12-volume work commissioned after the war to detail medical history.  This presentation is offered to examine some of the contributions of women during the Civil War with the goal of fostering greater appreciation for their sacrifice and service. 

Kevin Monroe, Faculty 

Target Audiences:  GS (6-8th), HS, AG 

Living the Legacy: 150 Years of Women's Rights

This session provides an entertaining and historical perspective of the women's rights movement. Knowing the history enhances an understanding and appreciation.

Mary Rose Grant, Adjunct Faculty

Target Audiences:  AG, Women's Organizations  

Reel Women

This event looks at Women's HERStory self-image through film clips, a presentation and a discussion session.

Donna Moody, Minority Transfer and Multicultural Student Services Center director

Target Audience:  AG 

The How-To's of Breast Self-Examination

Breast self-examination is a method of finding abnormalities of the breast for early detection of breast cancer. Learn how and when to perform a breast examination and what to do if you detect an abnormality.

Susan Schultz, Development Project Coordinator

Target Audiences:  Women's groups (all ages) 

The Strongest Link

A trivia game designed to enhance the knowledge of women's issues and to make individuals aware of women's strengths and the powerful role they have played throughout history and continue to play today.

Amy Markus, Nontraditional Career Specialist

Target Audiences:  AG 


You Go Girl! You Deserve It! (Self-Esteem for Women)

American culture tends to overshadow many women's issues. This session focuses on emotional strength and self-esteem to empower women to lead a healthy fulfilling lifestyle.

Linda Cowden, Counselor

Target Audiences:  HS, AG (Women's groups)