Associate in Engineering Science: Program Code: AES1


These requirements are for students who are majoring in engineering and who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a baccalaureate degree. The curriculum guides that follow serve as a general guide to the selection to courses toward fulfilling degree requirements specific to your intended major at a four-year college or university. Since requirements vary at colleges and universities, it is important to select your courses with the assistance of a Counselor.


Students wishing to pursue this degree may do so prior to being formally admitted to the program. However, all students must fulfill the admissions requirements, noted under the Admissions Information section of the catalog, prior to graduation.


Students have six years to complete the requirements outlined in this catalog. If the requirements outlined in this catalog are not completed within six years, students will be required to meet the requirements in effect at that time. However, students who have not enrolled for three consecutive semesters must meet the catalog requirements in effect upon re-entry.

Total Hours

A minimum of 65 semester credits is required for this degree.


Fifteen (15) of the last 24 hours or an accumulation of 36 hours must be completed at Southwestern Illinois College. Active duty U.S. Armed Forces and Reserve service members must earn only 15 hours at Southwestern.


A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 is required for a degree.

Correspondence and Telecourse Limit

A student may not apply more than 16 hours of correspondence work and telecourses toward degree requirements. In addition, at least one non-telecourse must be completed in each general education area.

Subject Areas

Courses must be selected from two subject areas in Social Science and Humanities.

English 101 Requirement

All students pursuing transfer degrees (AA, AS, AFA, AAT, AES) are required to enroll in English 101 or (if applicable) an English 101 prerequisite within their first 24-30 semester credit hours of enrollment.

Human Relations

One of the following courses must be completed. The course that is selected is also applied toward the Social Science General Education requirement.

___ ECON 115, ECON 201, HIST 180, HIST 181, POLS 150,
       PSYC 295, SOC 153, SOC 203, SOC 230, SOC 255

Non-Western Culture

One of the following courses must be completed. The course that is selected is also applied toward the Humanities/Fine Arts General Education requirements.

___ ART 103, MUS 110

Mission Success

Beginning degree-seeking students are required to participate in Mission Success. For more information see Mission Success listed in the Table of Contents.

College Success Strategies

Beginning students are encouraged to enroll in ED 101, College Success Strategies, and ED 110, Personal/Career Development. For information regarding these courses, see the Course Description Guide at the back of the catalog.

For Checklist, refer to the SWIC Catalog (Programs that Lead to a Bachelor Degree)