Music Technology or Music Business Emphasis

Students interested in majoring in Music Technology or Music Business at a four-year college or university should consider taking some or all of the courses listed below as elective credit toward the Associate in Arts degree.

Students interested in pursuing an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Music Technology or a Certificate in Recording Technology should refer to the Programs that Lead Directly to Employment secion of the College Catalog (blue pages).

Course Number Course Description Credits
MUS 145 Recording Studio Maintenance 3
MUS 150 Recording Engineer Musicianship I 3
MUS 151 Recording Engineer Muscianship II 3
MUS 152 History of the Recording Industry 3
MUS 153 The Business of Music 3
MUS 154 Survey of Music Computer Technology 3
MUS 155 Survey of Music Computer Technology II 3
MUS 250 Basic Digital Recording Techniques 3
MUS 251 Advanced Digital Recording 3
MUS 252 Critical Listening for the Engineer 3
MUS 253 Recording Studio Maintenance 3
MUS 255 Music Technology Practicum 3