Green Media

General Information

The Sustainability Center, located in the Belleville Campus Library, offers a variety of materials that focus on environmental issues. You can browse through all of these selections in the Center. Once you have found what you need, check out any of these videos, DVDs and books through the SWIC Library circulation desk.


  • Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring
  • Saving Nature
  • Ecospeak: Coming to an Understanding
  • Frontline: Fooling With Nature
  • Crisis in the Atmosphere


  • Affluenza
  • Escape From Affluenza
  • Tapped
  • Inconvenient Truth
  • The 11th Hour
  • Bag It, Is Your Life Too Plastic?


Title Author
A Voice In The Wilderness Darrel Faxon
Atlas of the EnvironmentLean, Henrichsen and Markham
Climate ChangeRobert Henson
Conserving the EnvironmentLaura Egendorf
Conserving the EnvironmentOpposing Viewpoints Series
Creating Habitats and Homes for Illinois WildlifeNewman, Warner, Mankin
Earth OdysseyMark Hertsgaard
Earth Rising Philip Shabecoff
Eco Sanity Joseph Bast, Peter Hill, Richard Rue
Ecological Imperialism – The Biological Expansion of Europe, 900-1900 Alfred Crosby
Ecological Intelligence Daniel Goleman
Ecology and Our Endangered Life – Support Systems Eugene Odum
Ecology, Economics, Ethics F. Herbert Bormann, Stephen Kellert
Economics of Protected Areas John Dixon, Paul Sherman
Eco-Scam Ronald Bailey
Endangered Mexico Joel Simon
Endangered Oceans

Opposing Viewpoints Series

Energy Efficiency: Principles and Practices 
Environment in PerilPaul Ehrlich, John Kenneth Galbraith, Jay Hair, Ralph Nader, Russell Peterson, Michael Robinson, Carl Sagan, James Speth
Environmental Ethics Holmes Rolston III
Environmental Hazards – Marine Pollution Martha Gorman
Environmental Modeling With GIS and Remote SensingAndrew Skidmore
Environmental ScienceEldon Enger, J. Richard Kormelink, Bradley Smith, Rodney Smith
Extinction David Raup
Forcing the Spring Robert Gottlieb
Forest Trees of IllinoisUniversity of Illinois Extension Center
From The Ground UpLuke Cole and Sheila Foster
Garbage Land: On the Secret Trail of TrashElizabeth Royte
Global 2000: Report to the PresidentGerald Barney
Global Warming: Changing Course 
Green – Your Place In The New Energy Revolution Jane Hoffman and Michael Hoffman
Green Building: A Professional's Guide to Concepts, Codes and Innovation 
Green Business: Hope or Hoax? Christopher Plant and Judith Plant
Green DelusionMartin Lewis
Green JobsA. Bronwyn Llewellyn, James Hendrix, K.C. Golden
Green Rage Christopher Manes

Hard Green

Peter Huber
Higher Education for Sustainability  
Hungry for Change 
Ill NatureJoy Williams
Illinois Birds - A Century of ChangeUniversity of Illinois
Native Plants in the Home LandscapeKeith Gerard Nowakowski
Noah’s ChoiceCharles Mann, Mark Plummer
One Earth, One Future National Academy of Sciences
Only One Earth Lloyd Timberlake
Our Changing Earth Thomas Canby
Politics, Pollution and PandasRussell Train
Power From the Sun: Achieving Energy Independence 
Reclaiming Paradise John McCormick
Renewable Energy: In Nontechnical Language 
Saving All The Parts Rocky Barker
Solar Electricity Handbook: A simple practical guide to solar energy - designing and installing photovoltaic solar electric systems 
Taking Sides, Clashing Views in SustainabilityRobert W. Taylor
The Dictionary of Global SustainabilityTracy Green
The End of NatureBill McKibben
The Environment Opposing Viewpoints Series
The Environment Series (2 books)  
The Everglades David McCally
The Fitness of the Environment Lawrence Henderson
The Global Ecology Edward Moran
The Green Revolution Kirkpatrick Sale
The Nature of Nature William Shore
The New Complete Guide To Environmental Careers The Environmental Careers Organization
The Rights of Nature Roderick Frazier Nash
The Sixth Extinction Richard Leakey, Roger Lewin
The Sustainable Learning CommunityJohn Aber, Tom Kelly, Bruce Mallory, editors
The Three Hundred Year WarWilliam Douglas
The World Environment and The Global Economy Marnie McCuen
Ultimate Security Norman Myers
Unequal Protection Robert Bullard
Unruly River Robert Kelley Schneiders
What We Save Now Les Line
Wilderness Areas of North America Ann and Myron Sutton
Wind Energy Basics: A Guide to Home and Community-Scale Wind Energy Systems 
World Changing; A User's Guide for the 21st Centuryedited by Alex Steffen, forwarded by Al Gore
You Are HereThomas Kostigen