Procedure for Delivering Your ADA Accommodation Plan

1. You will need to make an appointment with the Disability & Access Center (DAC) each semester, if you want to use accommodations in one or more classes.  Pick up copies of your ADA Accommodation Plan one week prior to or during the first week of the semester, but be sure to get the forms prior to your first class meeting.  Two copies of your Plan will be generated for each of your classes.  If someone else will be picking up the copies of your Plan, you will be asked to sign a “Release of Information” form, unless a current release form is already on file.

2. Make arrangements to deliver your ADA Accommodation Plans to your instructors.  It is recommended that you schedule an appointment with each instructor to discuss your accommodation needs in a confidential setting.  You may either:


Telephone or stop by your instructor’s office to make an appointment,


Ask the instructor before or after class when would be a convenient time to meet.

NOTE:  If you are enrolled in an on-line or distance learning class, speak with the Disability & Access Center’s staff regarding the delivery system for your ADA Accommodation Plan.

3. At the appointment with your instructor, discuss your identified accommodation needs.  For example, ask the instructor how he/she wishes to handle specific procedures for out of class testing.  If you will be using a support person such as a personal aide or interpreter, explain their role to the instructor.

The Disability & Access Center staff is available to assist you in preparing for the discussion with instructors regarding your accommodation needs. Contact the Disability & Access Center if you or your instructors are not certain about how to implement an accommodation.

4. Give the instructor both copies of the ADA Accommodation Plan and ask him/her to sign the two forms. Give the instructor one of these copies for his/her file.  Then return one instructor signed copy of the Plan to the Disability & Access Center as soon as possible.  You will be given a copy for your record.

Remember …

  • If you do not deliver your ADA Accommodation Plan to your instructors, you will not receive accommodations.  Accommodations are not retroactive.
  • If you have any questions or concerns related to your accommodations, contact the Disability & Access Center immediately at 618-235-2700, ext. 5368, or TDD at 618-234-3347.
  • Every semester that you want to use accommodations, you will need to make an appointment in the Disability & Access Center.  Your Plan will not be automatically developed.

Rev. 11/14