Theatre Training

Set the Stage for Your Career in Theatre, Business, Communications or Any People-Oriented Job

Theatre training can benefit you no matter what field you plan to enter. Even the research scientist, who spends most of his or her time in a laboratory, is expected to give papers and present seminars. Anyone employed in people-oriented fields, such as law, counseling and education, will find a good background in theatre to be invaluable to success. Theatre and business as a combination may significantly enhance your chances for success in the business world. Theatre majors are frequently employed in broadcast media, and they often further their training in drama.

Associate in Arts Degree  – Theatre Pre-Major

Recommended Courses

  • SPCH 151 Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • THEA 120 Theatre Appreciation

Planning to Transfer for a Bachelor's Degree?

If you want to pursue a four-year degree in theatre, you will be well prepared through hands-on experience in productions and labs. Most universities and colleges will accept the following for transfer credit. Of course, you must verify this with the college or university you plan to attend.

  • THEA 161, 162, 261, 262 Theatre Acting Lab
  • MCOM 220 Voiceover: Vocal Development
  • THEA 251 Theatre Production
  • THEA 256 Theatre Acting

Career Opportunities

  • Acting- opportunities exist for summer, community, regional and national performance companies
  • Acting management
  • Artistic direction
  • Announcing
  • Directing
  • Dramaturg- a consultant who researches details of a production to ensure they are accurate with the setting of the production.
  • Education
  • Producing
  • Technical Theatre- opportunities include stage management, stage hands and design
  • Theater management