Tuition & Fees


To view your account activity for specific semester charges and credits, and your individual 1098-T information, log into eSTORM and go to your Student Center.

Determining Your Costs

  • Tuition cost per semester-Multiply the number of credit hours you are taking by the appropriate tuition rate.
  • Total cost per semester-Add the tuition cost, mandatory fee charges and course/class fee charges.
Tuition Per Semester Hour2017 Summer/2017Fall
District 522 residents$113 per credit hour
Illinois residents outside District 522 (without an approved chargeback)$399
Out-of-state and international students (Residency Information)$520
Tuition and Fees subject to change at any time. 

Mandatory Fees

All students will be charged the following mandatory fees per term. To determine mandatory fee charges, multiply the number of credit hours of enrollment by the mandatory fee rates. 

Mandatory fees

Information Technology Fee

This fee is assessed to all SWIC students. Revenues from this fee are used to meet information technology requirements that support student services, maintain and update technology equipment, provide Internet access and support interactive education on the Web and other Web-based instructional resources.

$6 per credit hour

Student Services Fee

This fee is assessed to all SWIC students. Revenues are used to support various student activities and programs.

$3 per credit hour

Other Fees

Course/Class Fees

Some college-credit classes require an additional course fee for supplies. These may be found in the Class Schedule online on eSTORM.

GED and English as a Second Language Classes

General Education Development (GED) classes and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are free. There is, however, a $120 fee to take the GED test and $10 for a certificate.

Student ID Card and Replacement

A Student Identification Card is available free of charge to all students enrolled in a credit or Adult Basic Education course. ID cards will be issued by the Department of Public Safety at the Belleville or Sam Wolf Granite City campuses, or by the Student Development Office at the Red Bud Campus. Student ID cards contain confidential information and should be safeguarded. In the event that a card is lost, a replacement ID card may be made available for a $25 fee. Contact the Business Office for additional information.

Official Transcript Requests

Official SWIC transcripts may be requested from Enrollment Services, provided financial obligations to the college have been fulfilled. Learn how to request an official transcript.

Senior Citizens

Residents of Community College District 522 who are 60 years of age or older will be charged tuition at $5 less per credit hour than the standard tuition rate. All other costs, such as fees, books and supplies, and CSA classes, are not reduced.

Senior citizens 65 years of age or older who document their annual household income to be less than $28,604 for household size of one, annual household income to be less than $37,954 for household size of two, or annual household income to be less than $47,301 for household size of three or more are eligible to apply for free tuition. Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office. Withdrawals are subject to the Refund Policy.