Request to Withhold Information

Right to Privacy-Family Educational Rights and Privacy (FERPA)

In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, you may review any of your records by completing a formal, written request to the Enrollment Services office.

You may ask for a hearing to seek correction of information contained in your records, to clarify the meaning or to insert into your record your explanation of the content of your record or a part thereof.

Please note that school officials with a legitimate educational interest may access your education records without prior consent. School officials at SWIC have been designated as administrators, faculty, full- and part-time employees or those contracted by the college to conduct business for the college. School officials must have a legitimate education interest (a professional need to know) before accessing student records.

SWIC considers the following to be a student’s directory information: 1) name 2) address 3) enrollment status (full-time or part-time) 4) dates of attendance at SWIC 5) awards 6) honors (including honor roll) 7) degree(s) conferred (including dates) 8) past and present sports participation 9) physical factors of athletes (height and weight). The college may use directory information internally as well as release it without prior consent. You may prevent disclosure of directory information by completing a formal written request to the Enrollment Services office before the start of the third week of class each semester. This request will stay on file until removed by you. If you would not ask that directory information be withheld, the college will assume you approve of disclosure of that information. The college retains the right to exercise discretion in determining the release of directory information.

To prevent disclosure of directory information, download the request form.