You Ride, You Decide

You Ride

Creative and Innovative Campaign Contest

For the third straight year, Metro East area high schools will compete against each other for the most creative and innovative campaign in the Metro East. The campaign efforts will be focused on dissuading teens from drinking and driving, riding with a drinking driver and using cell phones as well as distracted driving during the winter dance/holiday season. The winning school will receive $1,000 to continue its campaign efforts. Second prize for the contest is $800, third prize is $700 and fourth prize is $600.

The Metro East “You Ride, You Decide/It’s a Matter of CHOICE!” competition is presented by the CHOICE coalition and Southwestern Illinois College and is funded by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Good luck to all the schools!

Information, Rules and Eligibility

For more information, contact Grant Coordinator Dale Zink.
618-235-2700, ext. 5566