Microsoft Office Specialist - Southwestern Illinois College

Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate (0064)

Total Semester Credits: 12-13
First Semester
Course Number Course Description Credits
OAT 170  OR
OAT 171
Keyboarding/Touch System OR
Document Processing/Input Technology
OAT 180 Word Processing (Microsoft Word) 3
OAT 175 Electronic Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) 3
OAT 185 Database Applications (Microsoft Access) 3
OAT 128 Microsoft Outlook 1
Total Semester Credits: 11
Second Semester
Course Number Course Description Credits
OAT 165 Presentation Graphics (Microsoft PowerPoint) 2
OAT 225 Advanced Word Processing (Microsoft Word) 1
OAT 230 Advanced Electronic Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) 3
CIS 174 Web Fundamentals I 3

Prerequisites may be required for some courses. Refer to the Course Catalog or Class Search link in eSTORM for a full course description.

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