Associate in Applied Science (0096) - Music Technology

Suggested Sequence Admissions Requirement: Sufficient score on the music assessment exam or MUS 104***. The classes below are organized in the shown sequence to meet prerequisite requirements.

First Year

Total Semester Credits: 17
Fall semester Credits
MUS 150 Recording Engineer Musicianship I 3
MUS 154 Survey of Music Computer Technology 3
MUS 250 Basic Digital Recording Techniques 3
MUS 111 Class Instruction in Piano I 2
MUS 145 Recording Studio Orientation 3
ENG 101 Rhetoric & Composition I 3
Total Semester Credits: 17
Spring semester Credits
MUS 151 Recording Engineer Musicianship II 3
MUS 155 Survey of Music Computer Technology II 3
MUS 251 Advanced Digital Recording 3
MUS 152 History of the Recording Industry 3
MUS 112 Class Instruction in Piano II 2
MUS 102 American Popular Music* 3

Second Year

Total Semester Credits: 15-16
Fall semester Credits
MUS 101
MUS 110
Music Appreciation OR
World Music
MUS 252 Critical Listening for the Engineer 3
MUS 201 Business of Music 3
MUS 213 Class Instruction in Piano OR
Private Applied Music*
MKT 126 Intro to Marketing 3
Human Well-Being 1-2
Total Semester Credits: 15-16
Spring semester Credits
SPCH 151 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3
MUS 214 Class Instruction in Piano OR
Private Applied Music**
MGMT 219 Small Business Management 3
MUS 255 Music Technology Practicum*** 3
Human Health/Well Being 1-2
Human Relations Course 3

* Music 102 is required. Students choose between Music 101 and Music 110

** Students enrolling in private applied music courses included in the Associate of Applied Science requirements would select the 100-level course numbers. However, if students wish to obtain permission to enroll in the 200-level applied courses, they would follow the same procedure as a student pursuing the AFA degree, i.e. audition and department permission.

*** Students may elect to enroll in the Music Technology Practicum up to 6 hours over the course of two semesters. Students must complete a minimum of 21 hours of Music courses as suggested in the sequence and an interview with the coordinator to enroll in the practicum. Students must complete an application which can be found on the Music Technology page. Practicum applicants are responsible for applying to one of the SWIC Music Department approved practicum sites.