Building Together | Southwestern Illinois College

Employee Product Knowledge Development Series

Gather with other Southwestern Illinois College employees to learn how each department helps build a stronger institution and impacts our students. Together we all make SWIC a great choice!


Spring 2021 Upcoming Sessions

SWIC Saves Students Thousands

Feb. 25 – 10 AM or 2 PM, Belleville Campus MC Theatre

Discover the numerous cost savings available to students who choose Southwestern Illinois College. Led by presenters from Financial Aid, Admissions and the Foundation, topics will cover cost comparison of SWIC and competing institutions, basics of financial aid, and scholarship opportunities available to students.

The Future in Two Years or Less

March 25 – 10 AM or 2 PM, Sam Wolf Granite City Campus Commons

Become an expert on the short term and in-demand training options available at Southwestern Illinois College. Hear from program coordinators about great employment opportunities and earning potential available with a degree or certificate in just two years or less.

Technology through Students’ Eyes

April 26 – 10 AM or 2 PM, Belleville Campus MC Theatre

Gain insight on the technology resources available for students. Better understand Blackboard, online learning and the great tools available for students in the Technology Assistance Center.

Previous Sessions

Enrollment is Everyone’s Job

Learn more about who attends Southwestern Illinois College and how SWIC recruits prospective students. Topics include campus tours, steps to enrollment, and how every department can help make a positive impact on new student enrollment.

Building Together is hosted by Enrollment Development in partnership with presenters from many areas of the college.
For questions or suggestions for future session content, contact Katie Dawson in High School Partnerships & Recruitment at ext. 5675 or