Target Audience Codes:

GS – Grade Schools
HS – High Schools
AG – Adult Groups

MON/RAND – Speaker will travel to Monroe/Randolph Counties

It's How You Balance the Scales

The student-athlete who approaches academics with the same fervor that he or she applies to athletics has replaced the stereotypical “dumb jock” of yesteryear. Being a student-athlete can be a tough task, though. Learn how to balance academics and athletics from a former St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds infielder in this presentation.

Neil Fiala, Athletic Program Coordinator and Baseball Coach
Target Audiences: GS, HS

NJCAA Athletics and Academics

Student athletes don’t just step on the court or field. Behind the scenes are a number of regulations, which serve as a foundation of student athletics at the community college and university levels. The regulations were put in place to ensure the successful completion of academic goals. Learn more about National Junior College Athletic Association and National Collegiate Athletic Association regulations governing student athletics and the impact the regulations have on the student athlete and the community college learning environment.

Jay Harrington, Retired Athletic Director
Target Audiences: AG, HS (11-12th)

Southwestern Illinois College Athletics

Learn about Southwestern athletics including work with National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), Title IX and Right to Know Act regulations from a national officer of NJCAA. The session will address Southwestern student-athlete scholastic rankings and equity issues. Intercollegiate sports at Southwestern include three men’s, four women’s and one co-ed programs along with intramurals.

Jay Harrington, Retired Athletic Director (MON/RAND)
Michael Juenger, Assistant Coach
Target Audiences: AG, GS (7-8th), HS


You name the sport and this speaker can talk about it. Basketball, baseball, etc., from the fine points of the game to the different programs available, this session will address any sport topic you request.

Jay Harrington, Retired Athletic Director
Target Audiences: AG, HS, GS