COVID-19 FAQ for Faculty - Southwestern Illinois College

    What If I Have Symptoms, Have Tested Positive
    or Have Been Exposed to COVID-19?


    We strongly encourage you to continue to self-monitor and be diligent in practicing the proper COVID-19 safety precautions (i.e. social distancing, face covering, washing/sanitizing regularly…).  If you are experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms, we ask you to not come on campus until COVID-19 can be ruled out by a COVID-19 test.  Continue to report positive COVID-19 tests and exposures to the SWIC COVID-19 Response Team for guidance. 

    Please remain conscientious and respectful of those around you, especially while in close quarters.  If you or someone close to you is immunocompromised, your best course of action is to wear a mask to protect yourself and maintain social distance.

    What do the fast passes accomplish? 

    Your fast pass sticker will act as a visual identifier of compliance. This will allow employees and students to quickly bypass designated check points around SWIC campuses. 

    Are some entrances going to be closed?

    Although previously communicated that only certain entrances will be open, it has since been determined that all entrances that are normally open will remain so and designated check points will be set up across campus instead.

    Do I need to always have my badge on me?

    Yes, and so will students. The barcode on your badge allows us to quickly link your employee ID number with your compliance status.  You will need an ID to obtain a fast pass.  

    Will there be more Fast Pass dates for employees and students? 

    Moving forward, Faculty and Staff should obtain fast passes from Human Resources (BCMC 1246) during normal business hours with future dates being sent via email. Students should obtain theirs through the Enrollment Services office and anticipate further information via email.

    Do I have to upload my booster info too?

    Proof of a booster shot is not part of Governor Pritzker’s current mandate, but we are encouraging employees and students to upload their booster in anticipation that it will become mandated.

    Have students been notified of how to become compliant?

    Students were initially notified of compliance directives in August 2021 and were also emailed compliance communication regarding Spring 2022 campus access (Shield testing, fast passes, etc.) on December 15, 2021.  Student Services is scheduled to email compliance info on Tuesday, January 11th, 2022 with the same information which will also be available within Blackboard.  Please keep in mind that as incoming students join Southwestern Illinois College they are new to this information and need to be encouraged to check their SWIC email frequently for pertinent info regarding academics, college polices, and important dates.

    What is the suggested approach for those students who have a red status on my On-Campus Student Compliance Report?

    Just as you would review your roster prior to class (particularly during the first week of the semester), please review the student compliance report to see who appears red or green.  A BCC email to those students who have a red status is suggested using the following message:

    “Based on the student compliance report, it appears your status is red indicating that you are currently considered non-compliant with no record of an uploaded vaccine card, weekly test results, or consent waiver on file.  Non-compliant individuals should visit a triage center immediately to resolve this issue.  There, you will have the opportunity to take the appropriate action to become compliant with Governor Pritzker’s COVID mandate.”

    If those students who have a red status do not read their email prior to attending class you may hand them a compliance post card indication that their status is red and immediately direct them to a triage center.  It is understood that time is minimal before and after class so please do your best in directing students appropriately and keep in mind that all students have been contacted multiple times in an effort to screen compliance prior to entering the classroom.  This is an institutional effort requiring teamwork in meeting state and federal mandates and your assistance is appreciated.

    What if a student chooses not to be vaccinated and does not want to abide by weekly testing.  What are their options?

    If students are not vaccinated and do not abide by weekly testing, online courses are available.  Attendance for in-person enrollment requires being compliant with either proof of vaccination or proof of weekly testing.  Failure to provide proof of either option will result in an unexcused absence.  If absent because of contracting COVID, the student will inform the instructor (like any illness), and the instructor will consider an excused absence.

    What happens if instructors contract COVID?

    If an instructor contracts COVID and is quarantined, students will be notified by the faculty their substitute plans and/or remote plans, if able.  Students, like faculty, should be ready to be flexible at any given time – similar to last school year.

    Is SHIELD testing available to Faculty, Staff, and Students who are vaccinated by want to get tested because they aren’t feeling well?

    Yes.  SHIELD testing is available for all SWIC employees and SWIC students regardless of their vaccination status.

    Where can I find more information on SWIC’s response to COVID-19?

    Please visit the COVID Resource Page on for further details and updates:

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