Download the VMware Verify App - Southwestern Illinois College

    Download the VMware Verify App

    You will need this app for off-campus authentication.

    1. Download Verify – Workspace ONE through iTunes, Google Play Store, or the App Store of your mobile vendor.
      1. iOS:
      2. Android:
    2. Launch the app and enter your cellphone number and click OK:
    3. If you don’t have an account, you will be asked for your email address to create one. If prompted, enter a valid email address and click OK:
    4. For security, VMware Verify will use your number to send you a registration pin.  You can get one via SMS (text) or phone call.  Once you retrieve this code, you will enter it on the VMware Verify mobile app:
      1. Optionally, you may also click the link in the text message:
    5. If prompted, create and enter a secure six-digit pin:
    6. After entering the VMware Verify registration code and setting up your protection pin, VMware Verify is ready for use on your mobile device:

    More Help

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