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    Upload a document to My Documents in InfoShare

    Here are some instructions on how to set up your My Documents library. The My Document library is essentially your own document library in InfoShare. As we migrate away from network drives like the G: and I: drives, you can use the My Documents tab in InfoShare to hold your personal I: drive documents. These documents are saved under your profile in InfoShare and are not accessible to anyone else, unless you place them in your Share with Everyone folder or manually share them with specific users.

    What should I put in My Documents? Is there a size limit?

    *Note* – when uploading your I: documents into InfoShare, please remember, My Documents are for SWIC business related documents ONLY. We will be limited in the space we have available to all SWIC staff and faculty who will be storing documents here, please only upload your necessary documents and be mindful in how much server space you are utilizing. Please, refrain from uploading unneeded pictures, videos and other files large in size. If you are do need a place to store video files, multiple PowerPoint presentations or other large files, please contact Katharine Jennings at or your IT Functional Analyst and we will come up with another option for you. Thank you for your understanding.**

    Adding Documents to My Documents

    1. Go to
    2. On the blue bar at the top of the page, click My Documents on the right of your screen
    3. This takes you to your My Documents Library.
    4. To upload an existing document from your SWIC PC or I: -Click + new document .
    5. On this dialog, you can choose to:
      1. Create a new Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note file
      2. Create a new Folder to organize your documents
      3. Upload an existing file from your local PC or network drive.
    6. To upload an existing file: Choose Upload existing file.
    7. Click Browse and navigate to your file on your computer (I: drive) and select Open. (just like you are adding an attachment to an email.)
    8. The path to your file will be displayed in the box next to Browse.
    9. You can leave the Overwrite existing files checked.
    10. Click OK.

    Files Ribbon

    At the top of the page, you can click on the FILES tab to display the FILES ribbon. Here are a few additional options that you can do in your My Documents.

    After the documents have been uploaded to your My Documents. You can log into InfoShare from off campus, click on My Documents link at the top right of your screen and your documents will be available to you.

    More Help

    Download the full directions (.pdf):

    Full directions are also available on the InfoShare homepage. Login to InfoShare, and the directions are on the right, under SWIC Notifications.

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