Financial Aid Eligibility - Southwestern Illinois College

Financial aid eligibility is based on the number of credit hours a student is enrolled during a given term. Only credit hours needed to complete an aid-eligible program are considered in classification. The chart below details enrollment classification for financial aid purposes:

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
 Financial Aid Eligibility
Total Aid Eligibility

12 or more credit hours

9-11.5 credit hours

6-8.5 credit hours

5.5 credit hours

Classification for Aid Eligibility

Full-time award

3/4 time award

Half-time award

Less than half-time award

SWIC Associate Degrees and Certificates & Financial Aid Eligibility

To be considered for financial aid eligibility, a student must be in an eligible program. While most associate degree programs are financial aid eligible, there are a few exceptions.

The following associate degree programs are not eligible for financial aid:

  • Construction Cement Mason (039A)
  • Construction Sheetmetal (039B)
  • Construction Bricklayer (039C)
  • Construction Ironworker (039D)
  • Construction Electrical Specialist (039E)
  • Construction Painting & Decorating (039F)
  • Construction Carpentry (039G)

Academic Advising is available to assist students in selecting a program that is financial aid eligible.

Note: Not all certificates are financial aid eligible. Check certificate eligibility.