Notify DPS regarding any safety hazards (burned out lights in hallways or stairwells, inoperative doors, broken windows, malfunctioning elevators).
All major buildings on campus are equipped with emergency lighting. Do not enter an unlighted building. Call DPS and wait for an officer to escort you into the building.
Avoid using restrooms in buildings that are not heavily populated (after hours, on weekends, etc.). Bathrooms are isolated and closed stalls provide excellent hiding places for an opportunist looking to commit a crime.
When using classrooms, practice rooms, computer labs or science labs after hours and on weekends, call DPS at the appropriate extension for your campus location and notify officers that you are in the building. Computer labs remain locked until a lab technician or faculty member is present.
Know the locations of all intra-campus telephones in every building.
Know the names and locations of all campus buildings.
Know the location of the nearest emergency phone.
Notify DPS immediately if you witness or suspect someone in possession of a weapon of any kind. Possessing/carrying a weapon on any Southwestern property is a violation of both state law and campus policy.
Don’t leave personal items such as book bags, jackets or keys unattended. Tracing and recovery of these items are extremely difficult.

Emergency Phones

All emergency phone systems report directly to DPS.

Belleville Campus
Emergency (red) call boxes are located throughout the Main Complex, Information Sciences Building and Liberal Arts Building
Sam Wolf Granite City Campus
Call box phones are located throughout the Sam Wolf Granite City Campus.
Red Bud Campus
Emergency (red) phones are located throughout the Red Bud Campus main facility.
PSOP, Fire Science Center
PSOP, Fire Science Center and off-campus sites (non-campus facilities) must use the 911 system.