Lifetime Leader Program - Southwestern Illinois College

Our Mission

At Southwestern Illinois College, we believe everyone has the potential to be a leader and make a positive impact in their community. It is our mission to develop students into principled, articulate, and goal-focused leaders by providing access and opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills through effective communication, fiscal awareness, delegation, and event programming and planning, and while promoting a sense of community through volunteerism and service.

The Lifetime Leader Program (LLP) is a free non-transcript certificate program focused on developing students into active leaders ready to make a positive impact in their community. Our program is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development.

The LLP introduces you to principles of leadership and teaches valuable soft skills by focusing on self-leadership through a series of workshops, required club and organization involvement, and active participation in campus life.  Students who complete the program receive a certificate of completion and are recognized at the annual Student Awards Night Ceremony.


To participate in the Lifetime Leader Program you must:
  1. Be currently enrolled in at least one credit hour
  2. Hold a 2.0 cumulative GPA or higher (waived for first semester students)
  3. Be in good standing with the college

How Do I Sign Up?

Students who meet the requirements can:
  1. Print this Welcome Letter and bring it to the Student Life/College Activities Office located at Belleville Campus Main Complex Room 1246.
  2. Schedule a Leadership Orientation meeting with Director of Student Life Services Amy Brockman.
  3. Pick up your program folder with program materials.
Contact Information

If you have any questions about the program, please stop by the office, or email with “Lifetime Leader Program” in the subject line.

What is Leadership?

The Lifetime Leader Program is anchored in Social Change Model of leadership development.

What is the Social Change Model of leadership development?
The social change model approach to leadership development examines leadership development from three perspectives: Individual Development, Group Development and Community Values.

Individual Development
Consciousness of self
o Awareness of the beliefs, values, attitudes, and emotions that motivate one to take action.
o Congruence- thinking, feeling, and behaving with consistency, genuineness, authenticity, and honesty
o Commitment- motivational energy to serve and that drives the collective effort. Commitment implies passion, intensity, and duration.

Leadership Foundations
o Understanding leadership principles and theories
o Finding your own leadership style
o Understand cultural and gender influences on leadership
o Develop personal management skills (time management, effective communication, problem solving, etc.)

Values & Ethics
o Understand relationship of values and ethics to leadership
o Make decisions based on values and ethics
o Identify and apply ethical principles
o Demonstrate commitment to justice

Group Development:
o Understand group dynamics and development
o Work with others toward a common goal
o Share leadership and empower others
o Develop trust and collaboration

o Motivate and empower others through words and expression
o Learn to listen effectively
o Identify common purpose and shared goals

Problem Solving and Conflict Management
o Understand the dynamics of group decision making
o Manage and resolve conflict with civility
o Learn to think critically and demonstrate openness to change
o Demonstrate empathy and respect for diverse perspectives

Community Values
Inclusion and engagement with diverse communities
o Effective interaction with people from diverse backgrounds
o Demonstrate empathy and respect for others
o Involve diverse groups in community activities and decisions

Community Citizenship
o Using your talents to benefit others
o Service to others
o Civic engagement