Completing Employment Applications | Southwestern Illinois College

Filling Out Application Forms

Apply directly to employers (Be sure to get the hiring managers name)

Fill out the application form in ink—or use a typewriter.

Answer every question that applies to you. If a question does not apply or is illegal, you may write N/A, meaning not applicable, or draw a line through the space to show that you did not overlook the question.

Give your complete address, including zip code.

Spell correctly. If you aren’t sure how to spell a word, use the dictionary or try to use another word with the same meaning.

A question on job preference or “job for which you are applying” should be answered with a specific job title or type of work. Do not write “anything.” Employers expect you to state clearly what kind of work you can do.

Have a prepared list of schools attended and previous employers. Include addresses and dates of employment.

Be prepared to provide several good references. It is advisable to ask permission of those you plan to list.

When you write or sign your name on the application, use your formal name—not a nickname. Your first name, middle initial, and last name are usually preferred. (Use upper and lower case letters)

Be as neat as possible. Employers expect that your application will be an example of your best work.

Remember to follow-up with a phone call after sending out cover letters and resumes.