A minimum of a 2.0 cumulative grade point average is required for an associate degree or occupational certificate at Southwestern Illinois College.

Grades are issued at the close of each semester on a letter basis indicating the quality of academic work and student achievement. Grade points are assigned to each credit earned in 100-200 level classes according to the grade received as follows:


GradeGrade Points Per Credit


GradeGrade Points Per Credit
(see note below)*
CRCredit Awarded0
FLWFailure Late Withdrawal0
NCNo Credit0
NRNot Recorded0
PCProficiency Credit0
SCService Credit0
WFWithdrawal Failing0
PRProgress Re-Enroll
(see note below)**

Note: *A grade of I will automatically roll to an F if remaining coursework is not submitted within the time frame set by your instructor. Once the I grade is changed (not later than 100 days after being issued), the assigned grade will be calculated into the cumulative grade point average.

**The PR grade is an option only for ENG 91 Basic Reading, ENG 92 Intermediate Reading, ENG 95 Building Writing Strategies and ENG 96 Preparing for College Writing. Other classes are not eligible for this grade type.

To calculate your cumulative GPA, multiply the credits earned in each 100-200 level class by the grade points per credit, and then total the grade points. Divide the total number of grade points by the total number of credits earned in each 100-200 level class, excluding those classes in which you received an I, W, P or AU grade. Note that courses numbered below 100 are not considered when calculating your SWIC cumulative GPA regardless of the grade received.


The Enrollment Services office may forgive the three lowest grades (D, F) if your cumulative GPA is less than 2.0 when you are readmitted to SWIC after more than a three-year break. You must be enrolled in the current semester. Courses and grades that are forgiven will not be factored in your GPA or applied toward degree and/or certificate requirements. However, the grades will continue to be part of your permanent record. Forgiveness cannot be granted until after two weeks into each semester. To be considered for this option, you must submit a Forgiveness Clause Application to the Enrollment Services office.


Semester grade reports are available online to all students. Semester payments, including fines and assessment, due to the college must be paid before grades can be viewed.


Academic honors are awarded to full-time students at the end of the fall and spring semesters. They are not awarded during the summer session.

Full-time students who complete 12 or more college-level credits in the current semester and earn grade point averages of 3.5 or higher will be named to the Dean’s List for that semester.

Part-time students who complete six or more college-level credits in the current semester and earn grade point averages of 3.5 or higher will be named to the Dean’s List for that semester.


Academic Standing is based upon the student’s cumulative SWIC grade point average at the conclusion of each semester. Students are placed on Academic Warning after failure to achieve a 2.0 cumulative grade point average. Students on Academic Warning status are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to receive information about college resources and for individual intervention to develop strategies for academic success.


The college has the right to request at any time the withdrawal of students who do not maintain the required standards of scholarship or whose conduct discredits the college.


Students are expected to be present for all scheduled class meetings and will be held responsible for any work missed as a result of absences or tardiness. For 16-week course scheduled in the fall or spring semester, absences for more hours than the class meets per week may result in the student being dropped from the class When courses are offered in a more condensed format a student may be dropped by the instructor after missing more hours of class than the class would meet in one week if it was scheduled over 16 weeks. Any student dropped with an effective date prior to the midterm date of the class will receive a “W”. If the effective date of the withdrawal is after the midterm date of the class, the instructor may assign a “W” or “WF” grade.

Absences because of approved college purposes or pre-approved religious observances will result in no direct absence penalties. Student will be allowed to make up work missed as a result of approved absences or do alternate assignments. Absences due to other circumstances such as military deployment, volunteer emergency service in accordance with Illinois law, or documented disability-related needs should be discussed with the instructor and appropriate dean to determine whether exceptions to the attendance policy should be made or tuition refunds considered.


A student who has earned 29 or fewer semester hours of college credit is a freshman. A student who has earned 30 or more semester hours of college credit is a sophomore. A student registered for 12 or more semester hours is a full-time student. A student registered for less than 12 semester hours is a part-time student. For financial aid purposes, 12 semester credits is considered full time during the summer term.