Online Security Policy | Southwestern Illinois College

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How has SWIC secured eSTORM for students?

A Each student must log in and enter a strong password for authentication. SWIC uses a secured connection (as depicted by the image of the closed lock on a web page) for all online transactions when a student logs into eSTORM. The transaction is encrypted between the database and the Web browser.

Q Does SWIC keep my personal information secure?

A Yes. Only authorized staff can view student information. Staff is limited by their job responsibilities as to what student information may be seen or changed.

Q Does SWIC sell or share my personal information?

A SWIC does not sell student information. SWIC does not share personal information unless authorized by the student for educational purposes such as Financial Aid, student payments, etc.

Q What security controls are in place to maintain SWIC online security?

A Student information is limited to staff members who require the information to perform job functions. Access and changes to key data elements are tracked and reported. SWIC’s security policies and access is audited annually to ensure the safety of student information.