Student Account Summary | Southwestern Illinois College

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What does my eSTORM Account Inquiry tell me?

A Your account inquiry will allow you to choose multiple views including as well as display your account activity.

1. The Account Inquiry displays charges and payments made to your account and pending financial aid.
2. The Due Charges tab lists charges by due dates that may be sorted by dates or terms.
3. The Electronic Payment/Purchase tab displays information about online payments and a direct link to Illinois E-Pay.
4. The Account Services tab provides Payment Plan enrollment and 1098-T information.

Q What are the due dates of my account?

A The Due Charges tab of your Account Inquiry displays each charge and due date. Amounts paid by Pending Aid may be determined. The Summary tab of your Account Inquiry reflects the Total Due Less Pending Aid.

1. The Current Due amount does not reflect Pending Aid that you may be eligible to receive. View Pending Aid in the Financial Aid section.
2. Students enrolled in a payment plan will find installment amounts and due dates in Due Charges.

Q Will I receive a paper bill?

A Yes, paper bills will continue to be sent monthly.

Q Is there a way to spread out my payments?

A Yes. Payment plans for summer, fall and spring semesters will be available. You may enroll through eSTORM or contact the Business Office to enroll in an appropriate plan.

Q Why is the Current Due amount online different from the amount on the bill I received in the mail?

A This is usually due to timing.

1. Your Account Inquiry is real time which means it reflects changes in your enrollment, charges and payments as they occur.
2. Your written bill is the status of your account as of the billing date. In addition, your bill reduces the amount you owe by the amount of Anticipated Aid.

Q How do I pay my Account Balance?

A Payments can be made online from your eSTORM account, by telephone using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services, by mail or in person. See Payments for more information.

Q Can I get a refund for the classes I drop?

A Maybe, it depends on the date that you drop your class.

1. Login to your eSTORM account and view your class schedule on the Student Center.
2. The Deadline Date icon next to each of your classes contains the Refund dates for that class.
3. These dates are the last dates to officially drop the class and receive either a 100% or 90% tuition refund/credit.
4. No refunds for a course will be issued after the 90% date.
5. To drop a class please login to your eSTROM account
6. Refund Policy Information