Student ID and Password | Southwestern Illinois College


Q What is my username?

A Your username is your student ID number.

Q What is a student ID number?

A To help protect you from identity theft, the college moved to a system that identifies students by a student ID number rather than a Social Security number. This new system began in spring 2004.

All current and former students in the Student Information System in attendance from fall 1981 to present have been assigned a computer-generated student ID number. This number identifies your student record and appears on class rosters, class schedules unofficial transcripts, SWIC photo ID cards, tuition bills and letters from SWIC’s Financial Aid Office.

Q When do I get my student ID number?

A Please be aware that a student ID number will not be generated until you have submitted either a New Student Information Form, a Transcript Evaluation Request Form, or completed the incoming COMPASS assessment through the Counseling Center unless you are a returning student having previously taken courses at SWIC.

Q How do I find my student ID number?
  • Look on your class schedule, unofficial transcripts, SWIC photo ID card, tuition bills and letters from the SWIC Financial Aid Office.
  • Obtain your student ID online by clicking the ‘Forgot your student ID?’ link in eSTORM. You will need to have previously set up answers to the security questions asked and will need to provide your Social Security Number and Date of Birth to complete the process.
  • Fill out the online request to have it sent to your SWIC student email account. You can complete this request by clicking on “Forgot your student ID number” on the log in page.
  • Bring a photo ID to the Enrollment Services Office at the Belleville, Granite City or Red Bud campuses or East St. Louis Community College Center and you will be given documentation with your student ID number.
  • Send in or fax a Student ID Number Request Form.
Q Where do I send or fax the request?
Enrollment Services Office

Southwestern Illinois College
2500 Carlyle Avenue
Belleville, IL 62221

Fax 618-222-9768

Q I last attended then Belleville Area College prior to fall 1981. Can I get a student ID number?

A Academic records prior to fall 1981 are archived on a separate system and will not be available for you to access online. Only students in attendance from fall 1981 forward will be able to receive a student ID number and have access to their academic records through the Web.

Q What is my password the first time I log in or if I reset it?

Step 1: Enter a “$” and a “W”
Step 2: Enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number (or “XXXX” if you don’t have a SSN).
Step 3: Enter your two-digit birth month, then your two-digit birth day.

Example: If your SSN is 123-45-6789 and your date of birth is Jan 1, your default password would be: $W67890101.

Note: This is your current password if you forgot your old one and reset it to the default. You can/should change your default password as instructed on eSTORM.

Q What if I can’t figure out my password?

A Call 618-222-SWIC for assistance.

Q What if I can’t figure out my password?

Your eSTORM password must have a minimum of eight characters and a maximum of 16 characters without spaces and include a combination of both letters and numbers plus at least one special character for the allowed list.

The allowed special characters are: !, @, #, $, %, *, (, ), ?, and _.

Password may not contain three or more consecutive characters from your User ID or name. (e.g., If your name is ‘Bingo’, then your password may not contain ‘bin’, ‘ing’, or ‘ngo’ within it.)

You will be required to change your password every 90 days for security purposes.

Q How do I choose a secure password?
  • Use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Special characters are the characters above the numbers on your keyboard and any punctuation.
  • Use a combination of upper and lowercase letters.
  • Do not use consecutive characters.
  • Do not use passwords that are based on personal information that can be easily accessed or guessed.
Q Why should I change my password frequently?

A Passwords are a common form of authentication and are often the only barrier between a user and your personal information. There are several programs that attackers can use to help guess or “crack” passwords, but by choosing good passwords and keeping them confidential, you can make it more difficult for an unauthorized person to access your information. It also is helpful to change your password frequently and to avoid reusing old passwords.