Permanent Collections - Southwestern Illinois College

The permanent and teaching art collection consists of more than 900 pieces. It is made up of sculptures, paintings, photographs, lithographs and more from renowned artists such as Claus Moor, Salvador Dali, Ansel Adams, and Robert Motherwell. Several of these pieces were gifts from donors. To learn more about the permanent collection, contact us.

To visit our outdoor sculpture on campus, let our William & Florence Schmidt Art Center Sculpture map help guide you.

Featured Work: Cocoon-Shaped Flask

Cocoon-Shaped Flask

c. 206 B.C. – A.D. 9 (Western Han Dynasty)

Shaanxi or Hunan Province, China

This buff earthenware ceramic vessel has traces of red and white pigment in a drifting cloud-scroll (yunwen) motif. This pattern alluded to the swirling journey one’s soul would take to the immortal realm. Vessels of this unusual shape, which are also known as duck egg flasks, first appeared in tombs of the late Bronze Age and remained popular burial furnishings through early Western Han Dynasty.

Belleville Area College Foundation (now Southwestern Illinois College Foundation) acquired this piece as a gift from Brent Farris in 1999. It is safely cared for by the Schmidt Art Center staff.