2023 Exhibitions - Southwestern Illinois College

Laurén Brady: Faster Than The Sun Could Set

January 12 – February 8

Paintings that seek to pause, acknowledge, and reflect on the everyday through tendency and tenderness, reverence and reverie, memory and memorabilia, storage and stories.

Jessica Forys-Cameron: Souvenirs

January 12 – February 8

Through the use of familiar domestic materials such as fragments of cloth or lace, quilting remnants, buttons, old wallpaper, etc. a sense of romanticized domestic comfort is evoked.

Metra Mitchell: Threshold Guardians

January 12 – February 8

Threshold Guardian serves to test the character of those who wish to enter beyond the visible world and aid those committed to the journey into the realm of shadows. These characters help guide us across the vestibule from this world into otherworldliness.