Mission and Values - Southwestern Illinois College

Our Mission

Southwestern Illinois College upholds the dignity and worth of all people and believes that learning is a life-long process which enhances the quality of life. The college provides for individual growth through educational excellence and active partnerships with students and the community.

Our Values

As a people, as a learning community and as an institution we will reflect and practice those values integral to higher education and to the well being of our region:

Student Success

We recognize that student success is the ultimate measure of our effectiveness. We will achieve this end by providing an environment that nurtures learning and meets students’ needs.

Respect for People

We will treat each other with dignity, fairness and understanding; value open discussion; and respect the ideas and opinions of others.

Value of Education

We will promote the value of education throughout our institution and our communities by providing quality programs and services that empower learners to achieve their goals, strengthen their self-esteem and independence, and provide the means for improving their economic well-being and quality of life.


We will strive to ensure that our actions are in accord with our standards, that we are honest with one another, and that we follow through on our promises and obligations.


We will at all times do our best to merit recognition as a premier community college and will recognize the excellence that is attained by our faculty, staff, and students.


We will practice fairness by establishing clear standards and expectations for students, faculty, and staff and ensuring that those standards are applied uniformly.

Lifelong Learning

We believe that education does not end when a degree is earned and that not all learners seek a degree. We will therefore strive to create a learning community that is open-ended and committed to providing opportunities for continuous learning.


We will provide a high-value, affordable education that does not compromise on quality. We will make a collective effort to be value-minded stewards using resources with wisdom and promoting appropriate community partnerships.


We are accountable for our performance. We will establish high standards of academic, institutional, and personal professional practice and will commit ourselves to the regular evaluation of our effectiveness and to a regular program of development and self-improvement.