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Are you looking to further your education or career but have limits on time or transportation?

Welcome to Online Learning

Online learning at SWIC can help you achieve your education and career goals while still allowing you to maintain your work and family life.

In Online Classes students complete their coursework by way of the internet. Some instructors require students to participate in on-campus orientations and/or take exams on campus or at approved testing sites.

In Hybrid Courses students complete some class hours by way of the internet and meet in a classroom setting for the remaining hours.

Web-Enhanced Courses are courses in which students meet in a classroom setting during all class hours, but make use of the internet for communication, out-of-class assignments and learning resources.

The majority of online, hybrid and Web-enhanced courses are offered using the Blackboard 9.1 learning management system.

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Online Degrees and Certificates

SWIC online degree and certificate programs are offered through a combination of online, hybrid and on-campus classes. The Associate in Arts, Associate in Applied Science degrees and certificates listed below have a few required on-campus courses, specific to the major (such as public speaking and lab sciences). Degree specific course requirements and recommendations can be found in the links below.


  • Associate in Arts Prepare for transfer to four-year university for a major in areas of liberal arts, education, business, and more.  Some courses, including Public Speaking, math, and lab sciences will require face to face time on campus. View the curriculum.
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree in Accounting This program prepares students for a variety of jobs including entry-level accounting positions or for a career as a full-charge bookkeeper. The curriculum includes ACCT 212 Certified Bookkeeper Review. Upon successful completion of the course, students may choose to sit for the Certified Bookkeeper exam. View the curriculum.
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree in Graphics Communication Learn the theory and application of both web and print advertising. Some courses, including Current Web/Graphic Technology, SEO & Web Analytics for Marketing, and the Web & Graphics Internship will require face to face time on campus. View the curriculum.
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree in Management This degree program focuses on the skills needed to develop and manage a small business. The curriculum includes accounting, marketing and management coursework. Ethics and communication skills are emphasized as well. View the curriculum.
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree in Marketing This degree prepares students for a marketing career in consumer and business product sales, retail sales management, merchandising and customer service. There is an emphasis on marketing for small business and eMarketing, also called digital marketing. View the curriculum.


The following certificates can be completed entirely online.

  • Graphics Design Students will learn the essentials of graphics design and publishing such as how to design all types of graphics and prepare them for print or web applications. Key graphics publishing software will be used to design and create a variety of publications. View the curriculum.
  • Management The Management certificate allows students outside of the business area to gain recognition for completing a core course of study in management. The certificate will benefit students in two-year, nonbusiness programs as well as four-year students who wish to obtain a background in management. View the curriculum.
  • Digital Marketing This is an 11-semester-credit version of the 19-semester-credit Marketing certificate. It focuses on web-based marketing. The certificate is designed for those students who want to update their marketing skills as well as small business owners who wish to expand their marketing efforts to the online arena. View the curriculum.
  • Web Design Students completing the Web Design Certificate will learn software and design principles required to construct websites. Emphasis will be given to graphics, colors, tiles, image maps, rollovers, navigation bars, alignment, composition, web typography and the use of HTML editors. Students will learn to design for specific browsers and will learn how to include animation and sound on websites. View the curriculum.