Southwestern Illinois College Summer and Fall Course Schedules


SWIC’s faculty and staff are working very hard preparing for the opening of Fall 2020 focusing on the health, safety, and wellbeing of our students, faculty, and staff.  While under the Phase 4 Restore Illinois Plan, Southwestern Illinois College plans to offer in-person instruction as well as offer remote and online classes giving students options that best fit their learning style and comfort levels returning to campus.

SWIC will offer a variety of instructional delivery options which all take into consideration the need for flexibility and the ability to adjust the mode of delivery if the threat of COVID 19 virus escalates which would dictate local, state, and/or federal restrictions.  In the event of a resurgence of the virus, or second wave during the fall semester, students should be prepared to return to remote learning pursuant to public health guidance and requirements.   

Traditional Face to Face Classes/HyFlex Model

In-person classes will be offered with classroom capacities established to adhere to social distancing and wearing a mask/face covering. Depending upon the course and class size, an instructor may devise a plan where students rotate attendance between in person and remote to ensure all students receive face to face instruction. For those students who cannot attend class due to illness, exposure, or required quarantine, the instructors will provide course material either synchronously (attend virtually through Microsoft Teams at the time the class is taught) and/or asynchronously (access the recorded lesson at a later time), or both.  Students should be prepared to alternate between face-to-face instruction and remote to adhere to social distancing guidelines. 

Hybrid – “HY”

This option is a combination of remote learning and scheduled in-person classes whereby all or the majority of lectures would be delivered online and recorded for asynchronous learning, while students would be scheduled on campus for lab work, small group instruction, testing, hands-on activities, and presentations. Examples of classes that require some on-campus experience would be science labs, mathematics, art, career and technical education.

Online Courses –  “OI”

Courses that can completely be delivered online will be offered for those students who prefer not to be on campus. As many courses as possible will be offered fully on line with the instruction being asynchronous on Blackboard.


Due to the unknown nature of the spread of the COVID 19 virus, students should be prepared to adjust delivery modes to online or alternative instruction if safety guidelines and restrictions are imposed. 

When selecting classes for Summer 2020 term please review the mode of instruction. Due to COVID-19 “Stay at Home Order” many face-to-face classes have been converted to an ONLINE (internet) web-based instruction.

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