SWIC College Activities - Fostering dynamic experiences for our students

At Southwestern Illinois College, we think it is important that each student has a well-rounded college experience. We know the huge role that extracurricular activities play in a student’s development and it is our belief that engaging in all College Activities offers is a great way to get involved outside of the classroom.

That’s the ticket!

Your SWIC Student ID is your ticket to countless free events, activites, performances and other experiences that will only enrich your college journey.

That’s right, we said free! So don’t miss out on what will be some of the best times of your life.

Attending events and activities is just the start. Do you want to get more involved? You came to the right place.

College Activities is the hub for student clubs and organizations. Learn all about the active clubs and organizations on campus at the Club Fest each fall and spring semester. An active Club & Organization contact list and meeting times are available in our office each semester.

Can’t find a club or organization you are interested in? Ask us for information on how to start a new club.

We can’t wait to see you at our next event!

Our Mission & Vision

It is our mission to foster a dynamic environment in which students are the central focus and are provided the opportunity to become engaged throughout their SWIC experience. College Activities strives to enrich a student’s development in the areas of social engagement, community responsibility, diversity, leadership and personal and professional development through a broad range of programs and services.

We envision a vibrant campus life that provides opportunities for all students to engage through social and recreational activities through clubs and organizations, and a coordinated schedule of College Activities sponsored cultural, educational, social and service-focused programming.

Register to vote!

Join us during our districtwide Voter Registration Drive each September in celebration of Constitution Day or register to vote anytime using the button below.

Free copies of a pocket-sized U.S. Constitution are available in the College Activities Office (English and Spanish language copies available).


College Activities is always interested in working with staff and faculty to bring quality programs and speakers to our campuses. Ideas are welcomed and encouraged. Contact the Student Life Office to find out more.

Contact Us

For questions or more information call Amy Brockman at 618-235-2700, ext. 5324
or via email: amy.brockman@swic.edu