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SWIC Bookstore COVID-19 updates May 7, 2020

The health and well-being of our customers and employees are incredibly important to us. As you know, we have closed the Bookstore temporarily until further notice. Store reopen dates will be based on national, state, and local guidelines, as well as the campus policies of the College. Although the physical bookstore is closed, we are committed to fully supporting the campus community during and after this unprecedented challenge. We have addressed some of the common questions and concerns. As the COVID-19 pandemic has been a fluid situation, this is subject to change.

Communicating during COVID-19

Since there is a state mandated Shelter in Place Order and bookstores are non-essential, the bookstore will remain closed at least through May 30. Most questions can be answered in this document and on our website. Email sm265@bncollege.com or call 618-222-5334 (voicemail). Our plans for reopening are pending but is forthcoming within a week of this document. We thank you for your patience.


While most students rent textbooks to save money, some students choose to purchase and there are some textbooks that cannot be rented (Custom titles, bundled with access codes or Old Editions). Accordingly, we offer cash for books during finals of each semester. Buyback is July 20-31. Do not mail purchased textbooks to the bookstore.

Rented Books

If you rented books for a spring semester class, print a prepaid shipping label and mail back to us. Do not worry about being late. We have extended the return deadline through the summer term. You will receive multiple emails reminding you to return your rentals. For a prepaid return label, click the link within the email you receive.  You can print the return label as many times as you like, but you can only use it once. If you are returning multiple books or orders, please put them in one box and use one shipping label.

Visit the Rental Book Return page for more information.

You will need the order number and your email address. If you do not have the order number, you can retrieve it from the email the bookstore sends. We are sending weekly emails.
*If you do not have access to a printer, send us an email request and we will mail you a label.


Due to PCI Compliance, we are unable to refund credit cards over the phone or through email. Otherwise, we can process refunds in person once the bookstore has reopened. If you ordered online, simply mail back to us and we will process the refund.

Student Financial Aid (SFA)

Students can use SFA to obtain course materials and school supplies from the bookstore. This includes students receiving scholarships, grants, athletic awards, etc. Be sure to check your estorm account to confirm SFA funds are available prior to ordering. Clothing is not permitted.


Shipping Dates

Order Method

Students Will Receive

Summer 2020

May 26 – June 5

*For classes beginning prior to June 1, orders will ship beginning 5/11

Order Online once enrolled

Free Home delivery

Fall 2020

Aug. 17 – Sept. 4

Order Online once enrolled

Pick Up In-Store or Receive Free Home Delivery

*As COVID-19 continues to be a fluid situation, please know that plans are subject to change.

Summer 2020 Semester:

Getting Course Materials & Supplies

Students must order course materials and school supplies online and receive FREE UPS Ground Shipping that contains textbooks. Unlike in semesters past, students paying with student financial aid (SFA) can and will have their orders shipped. Last day for refunds is June 8.  If your class begins on May 16 or prior to June 1, place your order and we will ship beginning May 11.

Because shipping can be delayed during this unprecedented time, we suggest you order eBooks when available for immediate fulfillment. Students without financial aid or a debit/credit card and needing to pay in cash should email the bookstore for assistance sm265@bncollege.com. You must place a credit card on file if you are renting.

Also, laptops can be purchased using excess SFA award funds. Please note, if a student reduces course load, the award will be reduced which will result in a bill with the college. The process for students receiving 3rd Party funding is identical to students receiving another form of financial aid. Order textbooks online and the order will ship to you.

*The bookstore will NOT have textbook inventory for summer. You must order online.

Fall 2020 Semester:

Getting Course Materials & Supplies

We encourage students to order course materials on the website beginning July 1. As of April 30, 2020, complete details are pending.


To students who had ordered regalia PRIOR to the cancellation of the commencement ceremony, a link was sent to refund or receive free shipping. For graduates who want to order keep sakes, visit: http://colleges.herffjones.com/college/_swic/.


If you need assistance, email Damon at sm265@bncollege.com or call 618.222.5334 (voicemail).

Barnes & Noble has partnered with MBS, the nation’s largest wholesaler in Columbia, MO, to supply course materials to students for the summer term.  For MBS to fulfill student orders, it is imperative that the bookstore receive all course material information by May 10.  

To ensure accuracy and expedite availability, it is imperative that instructors submit their course materials list through Faculty Enlight and not via email.  This is a change for some, but it is necessary to ensure all information is received. If you have already sent book information for this summer or fall through email, it has been accepted. Moving forward, information must be submitted through Faculty Enlight.

Instructors at Belleville or Red Bud, visit: https://www.facultyenlight.com/?storeNbr=265

Instructors at Granite City, visit: https://www.facultyenlight.com/?storeNbr=266

Bookstore benefits at a glance

While registering for the semester, take a look at the SWIC bookstore for your course material needs. Not only can you use your financial aid to purchase course materials, the bookstore will also price match supplies with Amazon; potentially saving you money in the long run. Some limitations apply.

Financial Aid can be used at the bookstore. Don’t forget your student ID.

Preorder your books at www.swic.bncollege.com for in-store pick up or have the order shipped to you.

You can use your financial aid to purchase course materials. Don’t forget to press the green button in eSTORM so that your award info is sent to the bookstore.

The bookstore accepts cash, debit and credits cards, financial aid or gift cards.

Save 30-80 percent of your hard-earned money by buying digital textbooks.

Hours of Operation

Belleville and Sam Wolf Granite City Campuses Hours of Operation

Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Red Bud and Off-Campus Students

Students can place an online order to have books sent to their home or to the Red Bud Campus.


For more information about SWIC’s bookstore offerings, go to www.swic.bncollege.com or head on over to the bookstore located on the first floor of the Liberal Arts building, Belleville Campus or in The Commons at the Sam Wolf Granite City Campus.

The Southwestern Illinois College bookstores at the Belleville and Sam Wolf Granite City campuses are operated by Barnes & Noble Bookstores.