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ATTENTION! – All Non-SWIC / Community Patrons Visiting SWIC Library – PLEASE READ

Beginning December 13, 2021, monitors will be set up at the entrance to the building. You will be required to present a COVID vaccination card or a recent (within 1 week) COVID test result in order to enter the building. In addition, all non-SWIC / community patrons are allowed up to a 2-hour maximum library visit per day.

SWIC Library is once again open to everyone!

Patrons are no longer required to “check-in” at the front desk upon entering the library. We welcome everyone to come in and enjoy our collection and resources. For additional inquiries regarding COVID measures, please see our most recent COVID status updates.

Our Mission

Southwestern Illinois College Library is an integral partner in the fulfillment of the college’s educational endeavor. We prepare students to locate, retrieve, evaluate, and use information effectively in the current environment of rapid technological change and we are committed to continually assessing the strength of student information literacy skills.

As the college’s principal provider of scholarly information, we are dedicated to providing quality resources that support the college curriculum through collection development, acquisition, organization and management ensuring both physical and virtual access.

Through instruction, information resources, versatile access, and welcoming facilities at each campus, the library fosters lifelong intellectual growth, discovery and self-fulfillment helping patrons to solve challenges and fully participate in the global community as informed citizens.