Background Check - Southwestern Illinois College

Criminal background check, random drug test and name
search on government registries which prohibit employment
in health care professions are required in our health science
programs. Program start is contingent upon meeting deadlines
for completion of the screening and results which allow the
student to participate in the clinical portion of the program.
Details and directions for accessing and purchasing online
screening for background checks are shared with accepted
students. Background checks are conducted for every state in
which the student has worked or resided since the age of 18
years. Conviction of offenses in the following areas normally
prohibit the student from participation in the clinical portion of
the program and will result in program dismissal: assault, sexual
offenses, murder, burglary, arson, and robbery. Refer to the
Health Care Worker Background Check Act for a complete list
of offenses at

To participate in the clinical portion of the program, students
with “disqualifying” offense(s) will be asked to produce a waiver
from the Illinois Department of Public Health for identified
offenses. To request a waiver application from IDPH, students
may call 217-785-5133. Not all clinical sites accept the IDPH
waiver (ie. Missouri sites), therefore required clinical sites are also
surveyed to determine if clinical placement can be accomplished.
If a waiver cannot be produced prior to clinicals/program start or
survey results indicate clinical sites prohibit the conviction, the
student will be removed from the program.

In addition, positive results from the drug test or student listing
on prohibitory government registry will also result in dismissal
from the program. Note: Positive drug testing results from the
use of illegal drugs or prescription medication which the student
does not have a prescription. Medical marijuana, which is not
FDA approved, is also considered a positive drug testing result.

Dismissal for positive criminal background check, drug test,
or listing on a government registry does not qualify students
for refund of tuition or lab fees. Students who have concerns
regarding their status with the above regulations are encouraged
to discuss the matter with the program coordinator or the
coordinator’s assistant prior to seeking admission.