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Certificate (054P) - CNC Machining Certificate

Clock built in Precision Machining Technology.

About CNC Machining Certificate

Computer Numerical Control introduces students to programming, setting up and operating CNC machine tools, which include three-axis vertical mills and two-axis lathes.

It also provides experience in setting work offsets and tool lengths and operating HAAS CNC equipment.

These courses introduce the programming format needed to program finished machined parts on the equipment.

The students will be required to complete finish parts using all the necessary codes that a CNC machine tool offers.

The certificate will provide training for CNC operators, machinists and workers wanting to enhance their machining abilities.

Course Outline

2022-2023 Academic Year

*Program requisite offered prior to semester start-check schedules.

Total Credits: 7.5
Course Number Course Description Credits
*PMT 100 Precision Machining Intro 0.5
PMT 110 Introduction to CNC Operations 2
PMT 111 CNC Milling 3
PMT 112 CNC Turning 2

PMT 110-112 requires concurrent enrollment or completion of PMT 100