Warehousing and Distribution - Southwestern Illinois College

For information regarding enrollment in this program, please e-mail Valorie Toberman at valorie.toberman@swic.edu or Melanie Phillips at melanie.phillips@swic.edu.

Warehouse employees help load and unload freight and move it around warehouses and terminals. Often these employees work together in groups of three or four. They may use conveyor belts, hand trucks, pallet jacks or fork lifts to move freight. They may place heavy or bulky items on wooden skids or pallets to be moved by industrial trucks. An objective of the certified warehousing and distribution specialist curriculum is to create a pool of skilled employees from which companies can draw as they staff their warehousing and distribution centers. A second objective is to provide training for employees currently employed to prepare them for greater responsibility and growth in their careers. Skills taught in the courses are drawn from typical job skills requirements as determined by needs analysis among leading-edge warehousing and distribution operations. The curriculum consists of five courses, a simulation, and a final assessment of knowledge and skills.

Warehousing and Distribution Certificate (045W)***

Course Number Course Description Credits
WRH 120 Warehousing Environment 1.5
WRH 121 Warehousing Workforce Skills 1.5
WRH 122 Warehousing & Distribution Process 2
WRH 124 Representative Warehousing Skills 2.5

***All courses are taken concurrently and offered during one semester.