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Our caring and professional music faculty are ready to help you make the next step toward a career in music. If you want to be a high school band or choir director, or a music therapist, or an elementary school music teacher, or you want to pursue your passion for performing, we have a music degree to help you take that first step.

Want to work in a recording studio?

If you are interested in a more tech-based way of making music, check out our Music Tech program, where you can learn the latest recording studio techniques using ProTools, Ableton, Reason, and Native Instruments.

We are ready to help you!

No matter what you want to do with music, we can help you make the first step. We offer small class sizes, individualized attention, and a chance to participate in a vibrant and exciting music department!

The first step is to contact us and let us know who you are, so we can figure out best to help you. If you are interested in a traditional music major, check out our degree offerings.

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