Physical and Life Science Core Curriculum - Southwestern Illinois College

Illinois General Education Core Requirements

Students completing the following general education courses will be considered as having met the Illinois General Education Core Curriculum. The list of courses is effective as of February 2007; check with a counselor for updated information or check the IAI web site for updated listings at Southwestern and the 100+ other Illinois institutions that are IAI participants.

Physical and Life Science: 2 courses (7 to 8 semester credits)

  • One course selected from Life Sciences
  • One course from Physical Sciences. (At least one laboratory course must be included)
  • Courses that include a lab component are marked with an asterisk (*).

Mathematics: 1 or 2 courses (3 to 6 semester credits)

Life Science
Course Number Course Description Credits
*BIOL-100 General Biology: Ecology, Evolution and Genetics (IAI-L1 900L) 4
*BIOL-101 Principles of Biology (IAI – L1 900L) 4
*BIOL-104 Biology for Elementary Teachers (IAI-L1 900L) 4
*BIOL-108 General Ecology (IAI – L1 905L) 4
*BIOL-151 Fundamental Botany (IAI – L1 901L) 4
**BIOL-106 Environmental Science (IAI – L1 905) 3
  ** Does not apply to the Associate Degree requirements at Southwestern Illinois College