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Have you been there lately? Big, comfortable, soft chairs; new tables; and a beautiful kitchen. Don’t care for Bunko or table games? Come anyway. Bring your dominoes, knitting needles, Scrabble board, art supplies … bring what you like and enjoy the company and a hot meal. Just make a reservation for lunch. Hope to see you there!

Activities held at our site in Shiloh, 7 Park Drive.

Shiloh Bunko

Mondays, 10 – 11:30 a.m.

Shiloh Community Center #7 Park Drive. Ron is a great host for all the ladies that have a great time in Shiloh playing Bunko and Dominos. Right now, we are doing only Bunko with each person with their own dice. When CDC Regulations allow, we will begin Dominoes again.

Dances at Shiloh